Micropigmentation (semi-permanent make up)

If you wish to have perfect eyebrowse, eyeliner and lip line micropigmentation is the answer and is also a great solution for vitiligo, alopecia and baldness.
Micropigmentation is an aesthetic procedure which introduces specific pigments in the skin and modifies and enhances the various parts of the body or face.

Micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic tatooing, but the pigments applied are of a particular chemical substance which fades with time. Micropigmentation needs touch-ups modifying and redefining the face compatible with age and fashion diktat.
Micropigmentation allows us to intervene on congenital imperfections like harelips, scars, post operative scars, mastoplasty, partial or total mastectomy.

Treatment choice

Micropigmentation can be classified in three types:

  • Cosmetic micropigmentation: used to modify and redefine the shape of eyebrows, eyes and lips in a natural way.
  • Corrective micropigmentation: used to correct shapes and colours
  • Reconstructive micropigmentation: used to camouflage scars and vitiligo, and scalp pigmentation to camouflage alopecia or baldness or to reconstruct the areola  following surgery.

In these cases results are really effective.

How it is done

Micropigmentation treatment is in three phases:

  • Pre-treatment counseling and planning
  • Realization
  • Post-treatment counseling and fixing

The first moment is the most important. The operator observes, gives advice and listens to the client. He then gives his opinion on the best treatment to achieve the best possible result. In this phase a project drawing is made, which simulates the final results and must be  accepted and approved by the patient.

The second phase can be carried out immediately following the counseling or at a later date. A picture is taken and then the treatment begins.

During the session the operator:

  • Draws the outline with a sterilized instrument
  • Chooses the right applicator for the treatment
  • Prepares the area to be treated with specific products
  • Performs the treatment which is then cheked by a pigment detector
  • Applies the necessary post-treatment products and gives advice on the necessary products to be used in the following days. This is fundamental for a perfect result

When the treatment is finished a photo is taken to certify the result.

After a month, the operator meets again with the patient to perform the fixing, which guarantees the uniformity of pigments and a perfect hold of the semi-permanent make-up in the following months.

After 12 months a new appointment is needed to advise the patient on how to mantain the result considering morphological or style changes.

How long does it last

Micropigmentation lasts in good condition from 6 to 18 months, depending on skin type, application site, techniques and pigments used.

It is advisable to perform a touch-up treatment 6-8 months after the first session to mantain a perfect and natural looking result.

Does micropigmentation hurt?

Pain is a personal matter but the use of innovative instruments and products reduces it to a slight irritation that you will feel during the session.

Who can be treated?

Micropigmentation is right for women and men of all ages who desire to enhance, define or correct the feautures of their face, to improve their looks or hide imperfections. This treatment is also advised for those who wear contact lenses, for those who are allergic to traditional makeup and for athletes.